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APA Style Research Paper

An APA style research paper is written according to the guidelines issued by the American Psychological Association. Information about APA style of writing can be obtained from numerous online books, online encyclopedias and other websites. However, these sources provide only general and preliminary information. Following this inadequate information blindly typically produces an APA style research paper that is infested with countless errors.

Here are some advanced guidelines that will help you to weed out many common errors in your APA style research paper.

  • Use only a single space after periods and colons.
  • When referring to multiple authors’ names in a single citation, list them in alphabetical order, and for ‘and’ use the ampersand ‘&’ symbol.
  • In the APA style research paper, contractions such as can't, isn't, I'll, etc. should not be used.
  • Participial phrases must be placed next to the noun they modify.
  • For items in a series, use commas after each item except the last.
  • Commas must be placed between two independent clauses in a sentence and after a dependent clause at the beginning of a sentence.
  • In the APA style research paper, statistical symbols should be underlined.
  • Statistical symbols and relational symbols should be treated as distinct words, and should therefore be separated from other words by spaces.
  • Use numerals for numbers greater than nine.

An APA style research paper that is free from any type of grammatical, spelling, typological and of course, format errors will definitely succeed in getting more marks.


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