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Chapter by Chapter Writing and Revision

Graduate projects, such as a thesis or a dissertation, tend to be long documents. We find that working with a chapter by chapter schedule makes it a lot easier to manage both for you, the client, and for us as well. By writing and delivering each chapter separately, we give you time to review them one at a time and give us feedback, making it easier for us to refine our approach as we move forward.

You get to review each chapter on its own, and send us the revisions that you and your instructor require. After the first couple of chapters, we'll have a crystal clear picture of what you need, and the last few chapters should barely require any revision at all. If we wrote the whole thing at once, there would be a lot more revising – the way we do it, everybody wins.

You can also choose to pay for each chapter individually, which means we'll work at the pace your budget allows. There are a lot of benefits to working on a dissertation piece by piece – and we're all about doing what's best for our clients.

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