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Free Essay Papers and Plagiarism

More and more students and teachers are discovering that free essay papers are frequently plagued with plagiarism. Plagiarism is a form of academic malpractice. It specifically refers to the phenomenon of using information, language or writing without proper acknowledgment to the original source. With the sudden surge in the use of Internet, the association between free essay papers and plagiarism has become quite horrendous.

Sometimes authors of free essay papers do not have any intention of you copying the contents without recognizing the source. They are either completely oblivious of the issue of plagiarism or they lack proper knowledge and understanding of it. Everything is not that plain and simple! There are some serious cheaters, whose only intention is to write captivating free essay papers. In an attempt to grasp all the limelight and the credit, they consider plagiarism as a trivial issue.

All those students who unknowingly use ‘plagiarized’ free essay papers are the real sufferers because if copying is detected, their marks will be deducted for sure. In a bid to stop this transgression, teachers worldwide are employing several strategies that range from educating the students about plagiarism and using plagiarism detection software to using brand new topics for term papers and motivating the students to write their own essays rather than using free essay papers.

The Internet is a powerful tool that should be used carefully. Instead of using it to find free essay papers it would be better to search for essay writing guidelines.


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