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Essay Experts LLC Writing Policies


  1. Research Purposes. All writing work purchased from Essay Experts LLC is for research purposes only; it may be used as source material or as a guide for the purchaser's own writing. Upon purchasing custom material, the purchaser agrees that the document or documents received will not be submitted as the purchaser's own work.

  2. Word Count. All written work purchased from Essay Experts LLC is guaranteed to have a word count of no less than 225 words per page.

  3. Font. Essay Experts LLC's guaranteed word/page count is based on Courier New 12 point font. If another font is requested, the original word/page count (calculated in Courier New 12 point) will be used for pricing and all other considerations.

  4. Uploading Files. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that Essay Experts LLC is in possession of any and all files pertaining to the assignment in question. It is preferred that the client uses our database to upload the files directly to the order, but it is permissible for the client to e-mail files to the Academic Advisor for uploading.

  5. Clarity of Requirements. The client is responsible for providing a clear and concise list of requirements. If the client wishes the writer to take a particular side of an argument in the essay, that must be made clear at the beginning. Any ambiguity in the order will be taken as leeway for the writer to make an executive decision on the client's behalf.

  6. Necessity of a Purchase Agreement. If a client receives a Purchase Agreement from an Academic Advisor, that agreement must be completed and returned within a two hour window in order to guarantee that the original quoted deadline can be met by the writer. Due to the time-sensitive nature of Essay Experts LLC's writing services, it is vital that clients respond quickly to any communication from the writer or academic advisor while an order is being filled.

  7. Assignment Policy. An Academic Advisor will assign a client's essay to the most appropriate writer for that essay based on expertise and availability. Clients may request a particular writer to be assigned to their essay, subject to availability.

  8. Plagiarism Guarantee. Custom writing purchases are 100% original. Each essay Essay Experts LLC writes is an original work by an expert writer. We do not copy and paste our work, and each paper is written specifically to match the client's specifications.

  9. Rates and Billing. At the beginning of the ordering process the client is given a base price estimate based on the type of service and the length of the essay requested - credit cards are not charged at this time. Once all requirements have been finalized and further details have been gathered a final price is agreed upon, which incorporates the difficulty of the topic and subject, the style of essay, etc. Credit cards are charged when the final price is set and the order is confirmed by an Academic Advisor.

  10. Deadlines. Custom written work is delivered earlier than the scheduled deadline 99.9% of the time. Writers research, write, then upload for quality control to inspect for adherence to requirements and edit if necessary. In the extremely rare case of a delay due to the quantity of research required, the client will be contacted and advised of the delay as early as possible, to allow for an extension to be sought out. The earlier the client places an order, the better the end result will be.

  11. Late Delivery. Essay Experts LLC's writers are held to a strict standard of punctuality. Our writers deliver their work on-time or early 99.9% of the time. Late delivery of an essay is taken very seriously, which is why it almost never happens. Clients are asked to be very clear during the ordering process to ensure a professional product, written to specification, delivered before the arranged deadline.

  12. Revisions. On average, a revision rate of less than 3% is maintained by Essay Experts LLC's writers and quality control team. Should the need for a revision occur, the client will be accommodated to the best of the staff's ability. If the revision is due to an original requirement that was missed, the writer will make the revision right away. If the revision requested is a change to the original requirements, the writer has the right to refuse the revision. The staff, including the writers, does what it can to create beneficial relationships with clients, however, in a case where the client's needs change after the order is confirmed, we request that the client perform that change themselves when they write their final essay.

  13. Referrals. Clients are welcome to refer their friends and acquaintances to Essay Experts LLC. A new client has the opportunity to give the name and e-mail address of the client who referred them (the referrer). The referrer's account is credited with $20 for every new client they refer. This figure may change with specials, such as a $40 credit if the new client is in a different state/province or country.


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