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At EssayExperts.com, we pride ourselves on the quality of the academic writing and editing services we provide to our clients. Our high-quality model term papers, essays, theses, and dissertations are made possible through the hard work of our dedicated team of the world's best academic writers and editors. Our academic writers understand what our clients need because they have attended universities all over the United States and Canada and know what it takes to create a successful term paper, essay, thesis, or dissertation.

All of our writers hold advanced academic degrees in the areas they write about. These degrees are master's degrees or PhDs. This means that when you place your order with us, your paper will be created by skilled academic writer who not only is a master at developing strong and compelling academic essays, but also a writer who is a master of the subject under discussion. We work hard to match every order to a subject matter expert so you can benefit not just from our writers' way with words but also from their deep knowledge of your topic.

A writer with an advanced degree is one who has:

  • Been a teaching assistant at a recognized college or university
  • Graded hundreds and even thousands of student essays as a TA
  • Written hundred of essays at the undergraduate, graduate, and even postgraduate levels
  • Provided valuable research assistance for professors
  • Understood the elements of a great essay and how to provide them every time
  • Developed knowledge of the most frequent essay problems and how to prevent them

We also insist that every writer who works for us be a native speaker of the English language. This might sound like an obvious qualification for writing papers in English, but for many academic writing and editing services papers are being produced by writers who speak English as a second language. When you order from EssayExperts.com, your essay will always read fluently and coherently because your paper will always be written by someone who speaks English as a first language.

To help guarantee the quality of our writers, we do more than almost anyone in the industry. We utilize a strict application process that results in fewer than one out of every three hundred applicants making the cut to become one of our elite academic writers. Because we take so few new writers, you know that we use only the best. We take care of our writers and form long-term relationships with them to ensure that your order will be written by a trusted source with a proven track record of excellence. Happy writers make for better papers.

Our writers have written essays, term papers, theses, and dissertations on nearly every topic imaginable—from astronomy to business to nursing to statistics to zoology. Our writers have a powerful and dynamic combination of talent, knowledge, and experience that give you an academic edge when you draw on our writer's abilities to deliver an amazing model essay for you to use as you work on your next assignment. Find out what EssayExperts.com can do for you. Place your order today!


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