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Essay Competitions

Essay competitions present many exciting opportunities for the budding writer. They also present many difficulties. There can be a lot of pressure when entering an essay competition. With regular essays there is a small amount of competition. Students compete for the best mark and it is always possible to get the same mark as another individual. You are in a sense competing against yourself: trying to get the best possible mark through your writing.

Essay competitions are very different: Your best writing is pitted against the best writing of hundreds or thousands of other writers. There is one prize (or in some cases there are multiple prizes, honorable mentions, or consolation prizes) that all writers are competing for. The prizes themselves can vary: cash prizes, gift certificates, entry into another competition, publication… All designed to coax the best writing out of every entrant.

To be successful in an essay writing competition, you must follow the guidelines. They may be very specific, for example: Write a 3,000 word essay about your experiences in learning Spanish as a second language. They could also be extremely broad: Write a 1-5 page essay on an influential person in history. The point is, no matter how much (or how little) instruction you are given you must follow the instructions closely if you want to be successful.

In addition to following the instructions you must also stand out from the others. Your writing must have a certain amount of flare or it will look plain and ordinary. You must take your topic and put a creative spin on it. Essay competitions are great ways to flex your writing muscles and test the limitations of your creativity.

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