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How to Write Research Essays

Research essays are the most popular writing assignments in colleges and universities. Several indispensable elements coalesce to form good research essays. Often, students tend to miss out on one or more of these elements, and such essays with missing components are plagued with platitudes and generalities. In an attempt to overcome this problem, let us consider the essentials of a good research essay.

Good research essays, typically, have good topics. Sometimes the topic is assigned to you, but at other times you would have to select the topic. Consider your interest while selecting a topic. Don’t choose a topic that is too general. Research essays on broad topics are usually superficial. Although you can say much about them, you definitely cannot delve deep into the topics for thorough analysis.

Once you have selected the topic for your essay, its time for some research work. As the name suggests, research essays require a lot of research because while writing them you don’t have to retell the story, but you do have to analyze the topic. Try to find out several controversial issues, based on what you have read in your sources. Avoid asking too many questions. Confine yourself to one clear sentence. It is an important point, because many students try to answer several questions in their research essays, whereas the answer to one is sufficient. It is a prerequisite vital element for this type of assignment.

Like other types of essays, all research essays also consist of introduction, body and conclusion.


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