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Industry Warning

Be very careful when you order anything online. Make sure to check out the e-tailer you decide to purchase your products or services from. In the term paper writing business, many unsavory and unprofessional characters pop up relying primarily on a one-time client relationships. They figure since the Internet is very large in its reach they can afford to run their company without worrying about anyone but themselves. A couple of points you should look at before ordering from any term paper writing service:

1. Where is the service located?

Doing a "Who is" search can sometimes find out where these services are located. However, many of these services are based overseas yet state an American address. Be very careful how these companies try to deceive you to make you think they're American. Why is it important that you know they are in the US or Canada? Dealing with an American or Canadian service gives you some options when you are unhappy with their service. You can contact the better business bureau in their area or you can look them up and call them. Dealing with a company that you only can e-mail does not give you many options but leaves you at the mercy of the business.

2. Does the site you're on prominently display their phone number?

Knowing that a business is willing to take care of all their customers by phone or over the Internet gives you some comfort if you ever have to contact a company to get some answers. At Essay Experts we always display our number prominently. In fact, you can come into our office.

3. Dealing with companies who are in the business long-term!

Many companies decide that they don't want to commit to this business and run it out of a shoe-box. At Essay Experts we have committed to running our service like a real business. We depend on repeat clients and good word-of-mouth. We have different offices in the US and Canada which means we will always take good care of our clients. We work with all of our clients to make sure they are satisfied and repeat clients. Count on us to deliver quality every time.

4. Making sure that the service you hire writes their own papers!

We get e-mails all the time from outsourcing services telling us they can write our papers for us. They actually believe that they can write at the level you expect. They expect to give a grade 9 level writing paper and pass it off as a university level paper. We don't outsource any of our papers, we write our own. This means that we can't charge you the sweat shop rates these services charge because we actually have qualified writers who can back up their credentials and write high-quality term papers. When you see much lower prices, don't fall for them. Understand that paying for a paper from them can cause tremendous headaches when trying to find out why your paper is not delivered when it was promised. Be wary when someone outsources work they should be writing themselves if they really cared about you instead of the bottom line.

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