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MLA Research Paper

Often, instructors ask their students to write MLA research paper. We all know that the acronym MLA stands for Modern Language Association of America. For writing MLA research papers you just have to follow the guidelines issued by the Modern Language Association.

Depending upon their subject matter, research papers can be written in several styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago and AMA. Research papers on subjects such as psychology and social sciences are written in APA style. If the subject of the research paper is medicine or health, then AMA style is used. Unlike the Chicago style research paper, which can be based on any subject matter, MLA research paper is confined only to three academic streams viz. literature, arts and humanities.

Due to the characteristic peculiarities of the MLA style of writing, MLA research papers can easily be distinguished from research papers written in other formats. For instance, in the MLA style research paper the title page is not necessary, but in APA research paper it is.

Similarly, in MLA research papers the author's name, instructor's name, course and date are included as double-spaced entries on the top left-hand corner of the first page, while in APA style they all these entries are centered.

In APA research papers as well as MLA research papers, a header and page number are included on the upper right-hand corner of every page. As with all writing styles, in MLA research papers, much emphasis is placed on providing proper credit to the sources used to build the research paper.


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